16 Aug

by Christina Seymour

What makes Laura Kasischke’s poems mesmerizing is not just the artful juxtaposition of snapshots from daily life like “Also snow. And the sky, of course, the color | of gently stirred winter soup” with imagined moments like ”. . . while one | of the earthworm’s hearts, deep in the ground | fills up the rest of the landscape with longing,” but also their quiet resonance: “The inaudible thumping insisting without believing | one is enough is enough is enough.” Each poem in Space, In Chains feels like watching a bird’s eye camera view that continues panning out until the present time becomes distortedly glorious because present looks like so many different things. It’s not surprising that Kasischke’s work comes in movie form, too: indulge in the Vadim Perelman movie based on her novel The Life before Her Eyes.

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